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Satin Lined Beanie

Satin Lined Beanie

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Created by popular demand! Made for curly hair, balding heads, chemo patients or people who are tired of their scalp hurting after working outside all day with a toque on. Streamlined to fit under hardhats when needed but still lined in satin for comfort. 


This toque will have a slightly thicker silver satin liner to stand up to a bit more abuse when worn for work. it also will not leave your hair as neat and tidy as our trademark toque, but still offers the hair and scalp protection only satin can provide. 


It's OK ladies, you can steal them too! We sure did!

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I love these hats and buy one or two new colors each season. Worse is my 3 daughters want them too, so I am always hunting them down at home! -Tonya